Parents and Students

ID Cards

Incoming Freshmen take ID photos when they register for classes with their counselor for the upcoming school year. Should this appointment be missed, contact the Textbook Center to arrange for an ID photo prior to July 15th at 847-626-2590.

Current student ID photo retakes are primarily taken during school. During summer, student ID’s are printed for the upcoming school year and are ready for students at textbook pick up. During the school year, if a student loses their ID card, a replacement ID can be purchased for $5.00. If a student forgets their ID,  a one-day temporary ID can be purchased for .50¢.

The Summer School office provides ID cards for Summer School students.


District 219 textbooks are loaned to students. Like the public library, each book has a unique barcode that is issued to a specific student. Students are responsible for pick up, care, and return of their own textbooks. Any book with a barcode MUST be returned. Therefore, if one of your books does not get returned, you will be charged the cost of the book. One semester textbooks and novels should be returned to the Textbook Center upon completion. Remember to write your name on the book plate which is usually located on the inside front cover of the book.  This assures you return your book and not a friend’s book.

Note: A fine will be assessed for each book that is returned late, damaged or left in the locker at the end of the school year.

Please review the Niles West Textbook Center brochure below for further information.

Niles West Textbook Center Brochure

Remember: Taking a little time to properly complete the procedure on distribution and collection days may save you a great deal of time and money later.