C.E.C. Club (Council for Exceptional Children) 

The Council for Exceptional Children (C.E.C. Club) offers all Niles West students an opportunity to become involved in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. Our members volunteer as special education classroom aides, coaches for our C.E.C. Basketball team and lunch buddies for special students. C.E.C. Club also plans Homecoming and social activities for students with special needs at Niles West. Guest speakers bring a wealth of information to our meetings and an opportunity to explore professions serving special needs populations.

Special functions/events: Guest speakers; work with students with special needs; coach Pathways Basketball team, and plan parties and special events
SponsorsElizabeth Dribin-Koshaba ~ [email protected] and Sarah Murphy ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: every other Thursday @ 3:30 PM, Room 2035

Dance Marathon School Chest 

Dance Marathon is a student-led organization that chooses a new charity to benefit each year. We have raised over $200,000 over the past six years. Students dance for seven hours and collect money from sponsors. Previous charities include Have Dreams, Curt’s Cafe and Apna Ghar.

Special functions/events:  Candy fundraisers, bake sales, selection of charity, dodge ball, pizza sales, T-Bay, guest speakers, DM bonding weekend, and raising money for a new charity each year.
SponsorTony Comstock ~ [email protected] and Stephanie Lau[email protected]

Meeting Schedule: 

Go Green Club Recycling Club

Members understand the value of and encourage more interest in developing a community of recyclers. Members make sure recycling is collected on a weekly basis (Wednesdays, unless otherwise announced) and taken to the appropriate area for the next step in the process.

Recycling Day is every Wednesday
Special functions/events: Fundraisers; recycling collection; promotion of new recycling program
Sponsor: TBD
Meeting Schedule: TBA

Homeroom Mentors

*Members are Recommended*
SponsorsAnn Alegnani ~ [email protected]
Carla Green ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: 
The application process begins in February and interviews are in March.
The Mentoring Team (for the next school year) is finalized before Spring Break.


We are a club for students who are interested in learning more about natural environments in Illinois and working to restore these environments such as a forest or savannah to their former health and beauty.  We have adopted sites at Harms Woods & Blue Star Woods Forest Preserves and work once a month to remove invasive species such as buckthorn and honeysuckle.  During our weekly meetings, we work to restore the prairie and natural area here at West.  We also take day trips on a few Saturdays each year to various natural areas throughout Illinois to learn about native plants and animals.  5th annual Environmental Service Day in October.

SponsorThomas Jodelka ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: 

Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders help welcome new students at freshmen and transfer orientations and provide hospitality at events such as College Night and Parent Night. Each year the club chooses projects such as working with freshmen to prepare for final exams, maintaining a bulletin board, and presenting workshops to Junior High students on topics such as transitioning to high school. Club meetings are held during Period 4 every Wednesday. Peer Leaders are recommended by teachers, counselors, and deans each spring, then participate in a training program focusing upon leadership and communication skills early in the fall semester.

*Membership is based on teacher recommendations and a peer interview process.*

Special functions/events: Assistance with College Night, Parent Night, Curriculum & Activities Night; work with ELL students; freshman workshops & Leaders to Feeders program.
SponsorsMary Leonardo ~ [email protected] and Joyce VanAlstin ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Thursdays @ 1:00 PM via Zoom. Please contact the sponsors for the link.

Peer Reconciliation Committee

Peer Reconciliation Committee is a positive outlet in which students can resolve school related conflicts with the assistance of their peers and avoid possible consequences through the Deans’ office.  Together, students discuss an equally acceptable resolution to the conflict/referral through the creation of an agreement that seeks to transform the negative behavior into a positive learning experience.  Peer Reconciliation Committee uses a restorative justice model which has three main goals: accountability, school safety and competency development.

*Membership is based on a required recommendation from a counselor or dean*

SponsorsAnn Alegnani ~ [email protected]
Jackie Lipka ~ [email protected]

Meeting Schedule: TBA


Don’t wait until tomorrow to make a difference in the world. Start today. 

UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund. It is a children’s humanitarian organization that works towards children’s rights, survival, development and protection. High School UNICEF Clubs works with the U.S. Fund to gives students like ourselves the opportunity to educate, advocate, and fundraise about the issues existing in the world.

What Niles West UNICEF Club does:
– Fundraise. We work closely with students, faculty, and the community so that our funds can help UNICEF supply the aid for survival and development.
 Educate others. We discuss matters and solutions to issues like: human trafficking, slave labor, natural disasters, war torn regions, lack of health care, lack of clean, accessible water, and more.
– Advocate. We are active supporters of what UNICEF does around the world. That being said, we do everything in our efforts to get word out about the agenda and mission of UNICEF.
– Raise awareness. We host small to large events throughout the year to help our school and community become more knowledgeable about the services UNICEF provides to women and children.

SponsorDeanna Sortino ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: 

W.H.O. West Helps Others

WHO is a volunteer club open to all students. Members participate in a variety of community projects, with organizations such as Emily Oaks Nature Center, Good News Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, the Greater Chicago Food Depository and City of Hope. WHO also organizes school events, Bake Sales and participates in walks (AIDS, Diabetes, Breast Cancer). The club is a rewarding way to have fun while helping others.

W.H.O. Club Link

Special functions/events:  Bi-weekly meetings focusing on team building and service project planning.  Events include:  Car Wash, Lions’ Candy Days, Walk for Hope, Emily Oaks, Nursing Home, (Greater Chicago Food Depository, Good News Kitchen and additional fundraising
SponsorDrew Johnson ~ [email protected] and Carla Green ~ [email protected]

Meeting Schedule: 2021-22