American Sign Language (A.S.L.)

ASL club is committed to immersing its members in not just the language itself, but also the culture of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. We learn the basics of sign language, advancing from the alphabet to conversational vocabulary. Additionally, we volunteer for various causes and hold fundraisers to make donations to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that gets hearing aids to individuals that have poor access to or can’t afford them. We also play an important part in school assemblies, where we sign the national anthem alongside the singer!

Website: Click Here

Interim Sponsor: Kimberly Hansen ~ [email protected]

Sponsor: Jessica Verceles ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Thursdays @7:30 AM in Room 3195

Assyrian Club

The Assyrian Club is open to all students who are interested in celebrating the Assyrian culture and cultivating ethnic ties. Assyrian Club members will have the opportunity to participate in International Feast and Fest, Activities Night, and many different fundraisers.  Other activities outside of school include: The Assyrian New Years Day Parade, movie nights, holiday parties, bowling, trips to the Oriental institute, and an end of year party. All are welcome to join the fun!!

Sponsor: Ramcin Sheeno[email protected] and Rita Shamo[email protected]

Meeting Schedule: Wednesdays @3:45PM, Room 2220/2230

Black Student Union (B.S.U.)

The Black Student Union is open to all students interested in examining, celebrating & cultivating the many black shades of color. BSU attempts to cultivate racial and ethnic ties here at Niles West. BSU promotes awareness and appreciation of Black cultures.

Special functions/events: Students engage in awareness of minority issues, and attempt to participate in various community service opportunities.
Sponsors: Dillin Randolph ~ [email protected] and Latasha Chapman[email protected]

Meeting Schedule: Mondays @3:30 PM, Room 1199

Chinese Club

 Chinese Club promotes cultural awareness through various activities, such as performances for International Night, a visit to Chinatown, cultural food festivals, and various celebrations. In addition, members share their common interest in Asian culture, such as language, customs, and traditions.

WebsiteClick Here
Special functions/events: International Festival/Feast participation
SponsorWileen Hsing ~ and Gloria Kim​ ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Thursdays @3:30 PM, Room 2320

Croatian Club

We will have a lot of fun learning Croatian culture and language by watching movies and listening to music.  We will also be reading some interesting articles from Croatian newspapers.  Each meeting we will bring different foods, and share recipes to then choose “food of the year”. Members will present themselves in the International Week programs each year and participate in the Homecoming Parade.  We will raise money to organize field trips and meet with other Croatian students from other schools.

Special functions/events:  Numerous club meetings; Participation in International Week; plan to participate in Homecoming activities.
SponsorJasminka Jukic ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule:  Tuesdays @3:30 PM, Room 3175

Filipino Club

Filipino Club is open to all students who want to learn about Filipino culture, food, traditions, and history.  Filipino Club traditionally participates in all aspects of International Fest.  Filipino Club runs fundraisers for these events, and we host  seasonal parties every year.  Filipino Club tries to sponsor events that promote bringing the Filipino community into Niles West.

SponsorSean DeFelice ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: 
Mondays @ 3:30 PM Room 1210

French Club

Do you enjoy French cuisine, French language and the French culture? Then the French Club is for you! We meet regularly to discuss club activities.  Some of these activities include International Night, fund-raising, outings, cooking French foods, volunteer work, and our end of year banquet at a fine French restaurant.  You will also meet new people and expand your knowledge of a different culture.

French Club website Link

SponsorLeslie Natzke ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: 

Futuro Latino Club

Futuro Latino is a club at Niles West with a theme of college awareness/readiness for Latino students at our school.  Two major components of the club are:  1.)  Helping to facilitate a monthly “cafecito” before school where Latino parents can ask questions in Spanish about our school and the college process.  2.)  Two field trips to visit colleges and learn about financial aid opportunities.  We hope to also have speakers talk to us about career options, college majors, and life after high school, etc..  Beyond that it is up to the group to decide what we want to do.  By participating in this club you will also have another extra-curricular activity to add to your college/career resume.
Please join us for any meetings. Please see or email the club sponsors to find out how to join (even if you can’t make an after school meeting time)!
Sponsors:  Mr. Johnson ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Futuro Latino

Gender Sexuality Alliance (G.S.A.)

The goals of the GSA, which is a student-led after school club, are 1) to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, asexual or allied, straight, intersex and pansexual students (LGBTQQAISIP), 2) to create a safe school community free of prejudice, bullying, discrimination, harassment and intolerance by increasing awareness and through activism, 3) to create a welcoming environment for all students regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

Special events:  National Coming Out Day, No Name Calling Week, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Harvey Milk Day, GSA Day.
SponsorsKelly Stallard [email protected] and Joan Lindgren[email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Mondays @3:30PM, Room 2150 – Avid Room

German Club

 You don’t have to be in German class to join German Club – everyone is Willkommen! German Club promotes cultural awareness through a variety of activities. Please stop by one of our meetings to say “Hallo” and join the club!

Special functions/events: Special functions/events: potluck dinner, Oktoberfest celebration, trips to local German restaurants such as the Chicago Brauhaus & Edelweiss, Christkindlmarkt German Christmas market outing, Advent calendar fundraiser, International Feast, Ski-Trip, film showings, and more!
Sponsors: Natalie Rodriguez ~ [email protected]  and Caroline Adducci ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Wednesdays @3:30 PM, Room 2300 

Hellenic Club

The purpose of the club is to promote and maintain the Greek heritage and cultural identity. The club meets at least twice a month after school. At the meetings, students exchange ideas on various topics such as music, fundraising activities, and outings. The club also participates in various events such as International Night, Homecoming, and Curriculum and Activities Night. It also emphasizes the importance of helping others through donations, scholarships and food/book/toy drives.

Special functions/events: Homecoming; International Feast & Festival
Sponsor: Will Wittleder[email protected]
Meeting Schedule: TBA

International Relations Council (I.R.C.)

The International Relations Council coordinates the events during the February’s International Weeks, including the Feast and Festival.  The council also provides an opportunity for greater interaction amongst the Niles West cultural and ethnic clubs.

Special functions/events:  The IRC organizes the main cultural events that occur throughout the year.  The biggest events happen during International Week in February, including the International Feast and the International Festival.  The IRC also hosts cultural round tables throughout the school year, providing snacks and inviting all students and staff to discuss different aspects of our cultures and ethnicity.  Finally, the IRC awards a senior essay winner with the International Relations Council Scholarship, which is funded by the proceeds from the festival.
SponsorJasminka Jukic ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: 

Israeli Club

Israeli Club is where students can go to learn about Israeli and Hebrew culture while participating in fun activities and games.  Food is a staple at all club meetings.  The club is open to students of all backgrounds.

Special functions/events: International Feast, Holocaust Remembrance week
Sponsor: Anna Raiber ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Every other Wednesday @3:30 PM in room 1605. Please email Ms. Raiber with any questions.

Japanese/Anime Club

Yookoso! Welcome to the Japanese Club! All students are encouraged to join our club. Students learn about Japanese culture and participate in school events (International Night & Homecoming). Members have taken field trips to plays (Kabuki), restaurants, and Japanese shopping centers.

Special functions/events: International Feast, Activities Night, Sushi Party & watching Anime, ACEN
SponsorDan Gin ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Mondays @ 3:30PM – College and Career Resource Center, Room 1120

Korean Club

The club is dedicated to retaining the beauty and honor of Korea’s ethnic traditions and to enable newcomers from Korea to adapt to American life and the English language without losing their unique identities.

Special functions/events:  Fundraising with awesome Korean food, Six Flags Great America, Running Man, International Feast, Ice Skating, community service, and many activities during International week
SponsorGee Sook Baik ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule:  Tuesdays @ 3:30 PM, Room 2320

Middle Eastern Club

Celebrate the cultures, languages, and people of the Middle East–join Middle Eastern Club!  We are involved in a variety of activities that focus on Middle Eastern life and culture–debke dancing, raising money for refugees, learning Arabic, cooking middle eastern food, and volunteering at the Niles Township Food pantry.  We’re open to your new ideas too!  Come to a Monday meeting and find out what’s going on.

Sponsor: Tamara Jaffe-Notier ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Thursdays @3:30 PM, Room 1199
Website: Middle Eastern Club

Pan-Asian Student Association (PASA)

PASA is a club that strives to bring more exposure to Asian countries and cultures. Everyone is welcome no matter their race, gender, or age. We hold fundraisers for Asian-American causes, discussions related to Asian-American social issues, and play cultural games.

Sponsor: Sean DeFelice ~ [email protected]

Meeting Schedule: Wednesdays @ 3:30 PM, Room 2320

SASA – South Asian Student Association Club

We celebrate the South Asian cultures by participating in International Night with traditional songs and dances as well as a fashion show. We keep busy by hosting guest speakers and participating in community cultural events. Each year the club plans social events, such as basketball games and potluck dinner-dances with clubs from other schools, including Niles North.  Our biggest event Indo-Pak Night, a spring talent show for the whole D219 community.

Special functions/events:  SASA participates in many of activities during international week. They volunteer to do free Henna tattoos for the school and cultural foods during the International Feast. And to top off the week, the club put together an elaborate fashion show and traditional dance segment during the International Fest.
SponsorsParin Patel ~ [email protected] and Cassandra May[email protected]

Meeting Schedule: TBA

Serbian Club

Serbian Club is growing in numbers and strength and is welcoming to a diverse group of people who enjoy the Serbian community, traditions, food and folklore. Serbian Club has worked fundraising in various ways in order to provide donations to orphanages in Serbia to the children who were left with nothing. Please join us as we grow and expand school wide, for our charitable and community goals.

Special functions/events: Activities Night in January, International Feast and International Fest in February every school year. We are also hoping to raise money for a Serbian Club Scholarship.
Interest in developing a connection with students or churches in Serbia for philanthropic endeavors.
SponsorKelly Adamovic ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Thursdays during Homeroom, Room 1601/Student Commons conference room


A student-led initiative to increase consciousness about social justice issues, anti-racism & empowering students in their racial identity development. We aim to educate, include, and work actively against racism within Niles West High School and the greater community. SOAR provides programs that encourage students to talk and learn about the various effects of racism present in society. They also plan activities, advise the institution, and serve as advocates for changes which promote cross-racial understanding.

Website: Here

Sponsor: Carl Alexander ~ [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: @3:30 PM,  in the Oakton Lobby:

September 22, 2021
October 6, 2021
October 20, 2021
November 3, 2021
November 17, 2021
December 1, 2021
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