A transcript is the official record of your coursework at school. It’s usually required for college admission and for some scholarships. There are three ways for you to send your transcripts initially.

1) Common or Coalition App – If you are applying to a school using the Common or Coalition App, your counselor will upload your transcript.

2) Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) – Some schools ask students to self report their grades and courses, in which case you will not need to use Parchment initially.

3) Parchment – Parchment is a digital credentials service that allows you to order and securely send your transcript.


1) Create a free Parchment account at Select the Learners/Parent icon. Use a personal email address rather than your school email since this login can be used for many years. We recommend you ignore the directions to complete your profile and not link the account to Facebook. Also, if you want to limit the emails you receive, check “No, I do not want to be discovered …”
2) Enter your verification code, which will be sent to your personal email address.
3) Start by adding Niles West as the school you attended and “Add” it to your account.
4) Complete the enrollment information. Your “Earliest Year” should be the year you started at Niles West.
5) Waive your rights to keep your documents confidential. Select “Consent and Request” when finished.
6) Order your transcript by clicking on  “Order.”
7) Enter the name of the school where you want to send your transcript and choose “Select” in the search box next to the correct listing – be sure it is the undergraduate rather than graduate school option.
8) “Send Now” under “When do you want this sent?” Only select “Hold for Grades” when you are ordering your final transcript.
9) Verify the information, and follow the prompts to continue or add another destination.
10) Sign with your finger or the mouse, type your full name (or your parent’s name if you’re under 18), check the certification box, and select “Save & Continue.”
11) Complete your order.

Tip: Order your transcripts early – processing can take several weeks.

Here is a link to the Parchment Guide to Ordering Transcripts –