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maintenance direct

When entering work requests:

  • Please only enter one item or items of the same category, per each work request this helps us distribute the work to the appropriate technicians.  For example: paper delivery is handled during the day and light bulb changes are handled after school.
  • Please allow a minimum of (5) days advance notice when requiring a room set-up and/or breakdown for an up-coming event, in order to schedule staff accordingly otherwise the request may be declined.

If you have an emergency and can not reach the Buildings & Grounds Dept. please contact the security front desk so they can radio a technician for help.

How do you determine whether or not you have an emergency? Use the following guidelines:

  1. There is a potential for loss of life and/or property!
  2. An event/situation that requires immediate evacuation!
  3. Needing the assistance of an outside agency – fire dept, police!
  4. Immediate priority over routine but second to an emergency!

Otherwise for any other needs/requests please have your department secretary submit a work order to be routed for approval.

For status on work requests look up the work order number in the chart under “my requests” tab for action taken.

Please be aware that calling for immediate assistance may require staff to delay service for others.


FS Direct

Regarding reserving a room in facility scheduling:

Please contact the Assistant Principal of Operations office at Niles West for approval.

When making your reservation for a room if you require any event set-up needs please be sure to fill in the box “event set-up” and “event breakdown” this will automatically generate a work order upon request activation by the Assistant Principals.

All of us here in the Buildings & Grounds Department understand the urgency of work orders & set-up requests, which is why we have provided the suggestions above to help us expedite your needs efficiently and without a hitch.

Thank you for your cooperation.