Niles North High School
9800 Lawler Ave
Skokie, IL 60077
Mr. Scott Dahlberg
Director of Social Studies
[email protected]

Niles West High School
5701 Oakton
Skokie, IL 60077
Mr. Martin Zacharia
Director of Social Studies
[email protected]



Competent and responsible citizens are created through education in schools, in the family, and in the larger community.  The Social Studies Department of District #219 assists students in developing the knowledge and skills required to monitor and influence the formulation, implementation, adjudication, and enforcement of public policy, as well as to participate in voluntary efforts to solve neighborhood and community problems.  The study of history is an essential component of this process.  

The members of this department support the official position of the National Council for the Social Studies and favor heterogeneous grouping in this discipline.

Specifically, the department strives to assist each student to answer these and other fundamental questions:

  • Who am I?
  • To what communities do I belong?
  • How am I influenced by history?
  • What does citizenship in this democracy require, and what does it guarantee?
  • What does being a member of the world community mean to me and this nation?
  • How and why have things changed, and how should they change in time to come?
  • What do I believe and value? How can I validate my beliefs?
  • What can I do to effect change(s) in this society should I so desire?
  • How can I enhance my civic education once I have completed my formal education?