2022-2023 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Course

D219 Basic Nursing Assistant Training Course
All student must apply. Limited seating.

DUE DATE: Friday January 7, 2022
We are now accepting BNAT Student Applications for the 2022-2023 school year.
The Basic Nurse Assistant Training course offers a basic study of principles and procedures used by the nurse assistant in long-term care, home health settings, and hospitals. This course provides preparation for the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification through the Illinois Department of Public Health, clinical hospital hours, 8 college credits from Oakton Community College, and high school elective credit.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification
Successful completion of the BNAT program and passing the Illinois Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide Competency Exam will allow students to work in hospitals, nursing homes, or other health care facilities. CNA assistants are in high demand.

Dual College Credit from Oakton Community College
The BNAT course provides 8 college credits from the Oakton Community College BNA 100 and BNA 105 courses and 2 high school science elective credits. The requirements of the BNAT course includes regular attendance, as well as the completion of 50 hours of clinical work after school.  The clinical hours are a requirement for the Illinois Certified Nursing Assistant licensure. The BNA course has three basic components:

  • Theory– lecture, student-centered activities, textbook readings, and mastering of course objectives.
  • Lab– supervised practice of nursing skills and mastery of performance. Students must demonstrate technical competency, organizational skills, patient safety, standard precautions, and patient rights. 
  • Clinical– the clinical experience is planned to integrate concepts and skills as listed in modules. Students need to pass all assigned lab skills and be prepared to perform them on a patient under the supervision of an instructor in clinical. Instructors will sign the student Procedural Performance Checklist as the student exhibits competency of the skill. 

Selective Enrollment
The BNAT course has limited seating. Students must apply and be admitted into the BNAT program. All interested students must submit applications by Friday January 7, 2022.  Below are the minimum requirements for admission. Students accepted into the program will need a medical physical which includes vaccination for COVID, flu, and 

Essential Skills Expected of a Nurse Assistant (Physical, Cognitive, & Emotional/Psychological)
-17 years of age at the start of senior year 
-Attendance-outstanding high school record
-Interest in health careers
-Completion of Algebra course
-Documentation of Social Security #
-Course completion: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
-Minimum Reading Level (STAR IRL 6th Grade Level)
-Required BNAT Essential Skills- physical, cognitive, emotional/psychological. Click HERE to view

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes, laboratory sessions, and clinical practicum. Patient/resident care requirements demand that all students must be on time for clinical experience as well as classes.  If you have more than four excused or unexcused absences per semester, you may lose the opportunity to take the Illinois Department of Public Health Certification in Nursing Assistant Exam. Also, part of the requirements of this course is to complete 50 hours of clinical work after school, which will begin 2nd semester for 10 weeks.

The BNAT course will be held at Niles North High School. Niles West BNAT students will need to provide their own transportation to Niles North for early bird/period 1 (starts at 7:53 a.m. and ends at 8:52 a.m.). A bus will be available after first period to take students back to Niles West. Students who have their own car may drive to Niles North and travel to Niles West during period 2. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ami LeFevre, Niles West Science Director or Dianna Yu, Niles North Science Director.

Dr. Ami LeFevre, West Director of Science 
[email protected]
(847) 626-2670

Ms. Dianna Yu, North Director of Science
[email protected]
(847) 626-2221