Parents and Students

Did you know?

  • The Niles North Textbook Center sells physical education uniforms, school supplies, and a wonderful array of school spirit items.
  • Students ID photo retakes are in March and April. The ID’s are printed over the summer and will be ready for pick up in August.


  • Textbooks are rented to students and are issued by the Textbook Center personnel. Students are required to pick up and return their own textbooks. Additional information will also be provided at textbook distribution time. A fine will be assessed for each book left in the locker at the end of the school year or if a book is returned late. Books which are defaced, or if proper return procedures are not followed, will be assessed a fine. Any book with a bar code MUST be returned. Some books appear to be workbooks but are considered a text and must be returned.
  • Textbooks and all novels that are only used for one semester need to be returned to the Textbook Center by the last day of first semester. A booklist is given to the student at book distribution so the student may keep track of his/her books. A second book list is given in January to remind students to return one semester books.
  • Students are to check their textbooks very carefully for damage of any kind (pen/pencil/highlighting marks, torn pages or binding, etc). If any book is damaged, it is to be returned to the Textbook Center. The student will receive either another book or a notation will be made on the textbook card indicating the damage to the book so the student won’t be charged for this damage when the book is returned. Students will receive a time line when to do this at book distribution. After that time, they will be held responsible for the condition of their books.

Gym Uniform information for SY 21-22

Gym uniform information