Academic Co-Curricular


Students who are interested join this competitive team.  Some have played on a similar team in junior high, others, who are very knowledgeable in a particular subject matter, may be recommended by a faculty member.  This is an IHSA competition team.

Sponsor: John Kretsos, [email protected], and Tom Chung, [email protected]

Meeting times and location for ’21-’22: 

Criteria for joining club:  Open to everyone.


The purpose of the A/V Club is to cultivate student interest in video production at Niles North High School. Students will tape school events (assemblies, sporting events, commercials, and more) and be included in the editing process as well.

Sponsor: Rob Henderson, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Students interested in jazz, ballet, tap or modern dance should consider auditioning for this company.  Ongoing skill development in dance and choreography are worked on throughout the year.  Auroris Dance Company’s major performance occurs at the end of January.

Sponsor: Annaliisa Ahlman, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club:  Attendance based upon audition.

Debate is an activity in which students research and debate about United States policies. Students will have the opportunity to learn about current events, politics, foreign relations, philosophy and a host of other issues. The debate season runs from September to April and the team will travel locally and nationally for competition a few weekends each month. The significant amount of scheduled tournaments gives all interested students the opportunity to compete at tournaments. Debaters will develop useful research, analytical and public speaking skills that will stay with them throughout high school, college and the rest of their lives.

Sponsor: Lauren Velazquez, [email protected]
Meeting time and location for ’21-’22:
Criteria for joining club: Everyone is welcome!

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)

This club is designed to provide activities for students who are interested in careers in marketing and management occupations.  Students participate in a program of instruction, which prepares them for competition with other schools.  This is an excellent program for students interested in a career in business.  Recommended for students enrolled in the DECA class.  DECA is co-curricular, which means it functions hand-in-hand with your marketing course at school.  DECA’s role as a professional student organization is to provide you with opportunities to take the skills and knowledge you learn in the classroom and apply them in a practical manner to your career and life goals.  DECA also serves in partnership with the business community to give you first-hand knowledge and a chance to advance in your chosen career.

Sponsors: Jean Attig, [email protected], Kara Mielke, [email protected], and Nick Pahl, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club:  Co-curricular, must be on schedule.

FASHION (Instagram: northfashion_d219)

To expose students to the world of fashion through the areas of merchandising, design, promotion and careers.

Sponsor:  Amy Koda, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22:

FCCLA (Family Career & Community Leaders of America) 

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a national organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family work and societal issues through family and consumer science educates.

Sponsors : Julie Lear, [email protected], and Mike Swiatkiewicz, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22:

Criteria for joining club:  Co-curricular; must be on your schedule.


Members are nominated after at least three semesters of French.  To be nominated, a student must have an A‑ or above average in French and a B‑ or above average in non‑French subjects.  We will have an induction in the spring and are planning on sponsoring a French poetry contest and publishing a newsletter in French.  We will be fundraising to help students who participate in the French Immersion Weekend, Aventure Française.

Sponsor: Elizabeth Hinsinger, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22: 

Criteria for joining club: By invitation only.


The German National Honor Society chapter Illinois Beta Gnu is an honor society, which recognizes excellent work by our Niles North students.  Its main activities are to provide free yearlong tutoring for lower level students and to publish a student generated German newspaper at least once each semester.  National Honor Society qualifications must be met for membership.

Sponsor: Thomas Neal, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club:  Must be inducted, based on grades


Students are inducted by committing to taking Hebrew for at least three years. Members must have two semesters of the Hebrew language completed and must have an 85% or higher in their Hebrew language class. Members will be required to serve a certain amount of hours and outside community work. The goal of this society is to help promote and create awareness about the Hebrew language.

Sponsor: Anna Raiber, [email protected]

Meeting Time and Location for ’21-’22: 

Criteria for Joining Club: By invitation only

HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

Students interested in health care careers are invited to join the local chapter of HOSA, a national organization whose mission is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health Science Education instructional program. Opportunities include speakers, field trips, and competitions.

Sponsors: Ashlee Miller-Berry, ext. 2365.

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22:

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome.


Students earn membership through production work in the Theatre Department.  Members promote theatre at Niles North, attend plays in and around Chicago, and attend the Illinois High School Theatre Festival.

Sponsor: Megan Baskin, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club: Based on participation in co-curricular drama season.


Students who enjoy intriguing math problems, puzzles and patterns will benefit from this club.  Math club members participate in contests against other schools and participate in the Annual Mathematics Contest.  This club will challenge your math ability.  Faculty coaches prepare students for competition.

Sponsors: (Head Coach) Sean Delahanty, [email protected], and Jody Trapani, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club: Open to all math students.


The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is designed specifically for high school students in grades 10-12.The National Art Honor Society program aims to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. Our goal is to make art for the community & school and use our love of art to help and inspire people.

Sponsor: Melissa Connell, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining: Everyone with interest in art, no matter what your art experience is.


The Niles North chapter of the National Honor Society seeks to inspire its members to do their best in all areas of life. We seek to strengthen the four pillars of the National Honor Society by exemplifying scholarship, leadership, character, and service to our community at large. We not only strive to honor our own, but to be a positive role model for other individuals and a source of benevolence to the community.

Sponsors: Allegra Giulietti-Schmitt, [email protected], and John Kretsos, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club:  Academic, social, and service requirements.


The North Star has achieved national recognition as an outstanding student publication.  The newspaper is published 16 times each year and attempts to report the news of all Niles North activities.  Students interested in a career in journalism are encouraged to participate in this activity.  Students who have taken the new writing or news editing class are eligible to participate.

Sponsor: Jean Ordonez, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22:

Criteria for joining club: Must have in schedule.


Niles North Tutoring Club offers free tutoring for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in reading, writing, math and more. The tutors are high school students from Niles North.

Niles North Tutors:
1) Register at this link. 
Parents of students who want to attend tutoring club
1) Register here
2) Weekly Sign up here.

Sponsors: Rebecca Schroeder, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22: 

Criteria for joining: High school tutors register hereWeekly Sign-up.


Reading Hour encourages the enjoyment of listening to quality literature read by faculty and students. Programs are scheduled before school, approximately every two weeks.

Sponsors: Ashley Amelianovich, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22:

Criteria for joining club:Everyone welcome

RIOT Club (Researchers and Investigators of Tomorrow)

This Club is designed to encourage students with special ability and/or interest in science to go beyond the limits of the classroom in developing their own ideas and perhaps aiding them in their progress towards a career in science.  As members, students develop, design and execute individual scientific research and experimentation.  Students are encouraged to exhibit and compete with their research at various local and state expositions.  Students may form research teams to solve various problems concerning environmental and technological crises, etc.  Students are also provided with opportunities for summer research apprenticeship positions.

Sponsors: RJ Thielsen, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22: 3:45pm in room 2335: 9/24, 10/8, 10/22, 11/5,11/19, 12/3, 12/17.

Criteria for joining club: Need to have an interest in science to attend.


Robotics is a club for students who wish to explore engineering and robotics.  Students will be exposed to the concepts of engineering through planning, building, and programming with VEX Robotics. Students will compete with their robot at VEX competitions throughout the state.

Sponsors: Chris Powell, [email protected], Asst. Club sponsor: Alyssa Bednarz, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22: Wednesdays @ 3:30pm in room 1620.

Criteria for joining: Co-curricular, must enrolled engineering or computer science department class.


This Club is devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and providing recognition for outstanding achievement.  These goals are accomplished through activities, research, workshops, and participation of intramural, district, regional, state and national tournaments.  The Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of individual and team events which students prepare for during club meetings.  The events are balanced between the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers, and technology.  There is also a balance between events requiring knowledge of science facts and hands-on science.  Examples include building bottle rockets, bridges, towers, a Rube Goldberg devise, etc., as well as events which demand knowledge of genetics, scientific process, entomology, orienteering, etc.  The Science Olympiad coaches determine final team selection.

Sponsors: John Kretsos, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22: Thursdays @ 3:30pm in room 2315.

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Students are inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society based on their performance in Spanish and their overall scholastic standing and leadership.  The Society recognizes excellent achievement and promotes the awareness of Hispanic cultures in the school.  Service to the community is also a priority of the organization.

Sponsor: Pam Benitez, [email protected], and Laura Jacobson, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22September 17th -OLD COMMONS; September 21-COMMONS; October 1st- OLD COMMONS; October 5-COMMONS @ 3:30pm.

Criteria for joining club:  Teachers recommendation


The purpose of “Spoken Word Poetry Club” is to provide a space for students to develop their emerging skill with poetic forms, especially spoken word poetry. Spoken word poetry differs from other, more traditional, forms of poetry in that it is meant to be read aloud with elements of performance adding to the meaning of the piece. Musical lyrics might be a form considered as a part of this club. This club will operate like a writing workshop in which students will engage in a combination of invention activities designed to generate text, and reader response activities designed to provide feedback to the authors. The baseline outcome for this club will be the legitimization of student poetry as a serious craft. The club will also aim to compete in poetry slams, including Chicago’s “Louder Than a Bomb” poetry slam. Members may also wish to compete in the national poetry recitation competition “Poetry Out Loud.” In addition, the club will look for other outlets to “publish” its poetry, including the North Star, assemblies, etc.

Sponsors: Alexia Kemp, [email protected]

Meeting times and location for ’21-’22: Mondays @ 3:45pm in room 1250.

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


To develop student’s education in various medical fields as well as provide a valuable medical service to our athletic programs.  Open to anyone that wants to volunteer with our student athletes.

Sponsors: Dennis Macas, [email protected], and Dawn Palmer, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club:  Open to everyone.


Participate in challenging competition against other high schools in areas of mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, computer fundamentals and engineering graphics. Local, regional, and state competitions usually occur. A tea of fourteen students and a maximum number of 14 students ”at large” participate in the competition.

Sponsors: Tom Chung, [email protected], and Christine Camel, [email protected]

Meeting time and location for ’21-’22

Criteria for joining club:  High scores on qualifying exams.


Yearbook is decidedly a team activity and student centered.  Students choose their theme, their own editors and have considerable input to the financial decisions governing the book.  A great experience!

Sponsors: Stephanie Salem, [email protected],  and Jessica Ralfs, [email protected]

Meeting time and location in ’21-’22: Co-curricular; must be on schedule.

Criteria for joining club: Must have had journalism or photo-journalism.