The purpose of "Spoken Word Poetry Club" is to provide a space for students to develop their emerging skill with poetic forms, especially spoken word poetry. Spoken word poetry differs from other, more traditional, forms of poetry in that it is meant to be read aloud with elements of performance adding to the meaning of the piece. Musical lyrics might be a form considered as a part of this club. This club will operate like a writing workshop in which students will engage in a combination of invention activities designed to generate text, and reader response activities designed to provide feedback to the authors. The baseline outcome for this club will be the legitimization of student poetry as a serious craft. The club will also aim to compete in poetry slams, including Chicago's "Louder Than a Bomb" poetry slam. Members may also wish to compete in the national poetry recitation competition "Poetry Out Loud." In addition, the club will look for other outlets to "publish" its poetry, including the North Star, assemblies, etc.