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Resignation of District 219 Board President James Specker

Niles Township High School District 219 regrets to announce the resignation of Mr. James Specker from the Board of Education for personal health reasons. The District thanks Mr. Specker for his service to District’s students, staff, and community. As state law and District policy provide, former Board Vice President Naema Abraham will now serve as the Board President, and the Board will select a new Vice President at a public meeting.

The Board plans to fill the vacancy resulting from Mr. Specker’s resignation within the next two months.  The individual selected will serve on the Board for the remainder Mr. Specker’s term, which ends in 2023.  Applicants should show familiarity with the Board’s policies regarding general duties and responsibilities of a Board and a Board member, including fiduciary responsibilities, conflict of interest, ethics, and the gift ban.  The Board’s policies are available on the District website.  The District will provide additional information about qualifications and application instructions on its website by June 11, and applications will be due no later than July 6.